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I have some goodies that I'd love to share with you!

By being here, you are already aware of why I offer the products and services I do. In the latest in my string of efforts made to make my personal brand more visible, better, and, most importantly, more useful, I have launched a Freebies Library! 

The Freebies Library is now LIVE!!

In it, you'll find all of the printables and downloadables I make available on my blog and social media in the library, absolutely free of charge! If there’s a post from me about it online, you’ll find the resource right in the library. Each time I create a cheat sheet, worksheet, or other cool stuff, I'll upload it to the library. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest uploads.

Do you have feedback?!?

If any of my freebies have helped you out, please shoot me a message with a testimonial or share your story on social media and tag me (@desimslaughter).

Truth be told, I'm a glory hound — I love hearing how what I'm doing makes a difference. Your support keeps me motivated! Who knows, maybe you could get some extra exposure for your blog or business, too.😉

Feel free to explore and please share with friends. I hope you enjoy using these freebies as much as I enjoyed making them!



Desi Slaughter (aka desimslaughter)

I'm a solopreneur, creative professional, and digital creator from Detroit that's dedicated to helping you thrive in business and in life. Through my blog and businesses, I share my story and offer products and services for solopreneurs & SMEs (like you) who are looking to own their identity and make living off being themselves. I'm a one-woman-show, so, your purchases support me directly so that I can keep helping others and reaching my goals as a creator. Thank you in advance for your support!

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