Devel Fitness

Welcome to Devel Fitness My name is Garry Devellerez. I have been involved in the fitness,health and sporting industry for over 30 years. My family has a long sporting background with both my parents national champions in their chosen sports of boxing and badminton. I've worked as a personal trainer, sports coach and studied within the industry over several years. My involvement in sport spans decades and I represented Western Australia in Badminton over several years, highlighted by winning an Australian Title and training at the Australian Institute of Sport. I believe all of this experience has given me a wonderful understanding about health but most importantly, people. I started Devel Fitness to help people of all ages access inspiring and reliable ways to stay fit and healthy forever. We believe in going back to basics and keeping things simple and honest by supplying exciting ways to stay connected with the real world. All our products are tested to ensure they meet our extremely high standards and give you want you need at an affordable price. Our goal is to create a unique offerings and importantly effective ways for everyone to stay fit for a lifetime. Our products will help both the young and old enjoy their fitness, health and leisure. We aim to keep "inspiring at any age".