Tracy Gavin

I am a Unicorn. What is a unicorn? Well, in the language of the adult swinging lifestyle, a unicorn is a single, female, bisexual, swinger who enjoys playing with others. A mythical creature often thought of but rarely found. I lead an interesting and varied romantic and sex life, and I make no apologies for my choices. My books are of my exploits, very explicit, but all true. I do not share the identities of my friends and partners so you never know who you may think you recognize. Do I like sex? Yes. But that does not mean that I don't also look for love and relationships. I just prefer to find those within my own evolving parameters. Please check out my facebook page at because I hope my next book will be a new interactive concept. I would love to hear from you, and not just in messages. Please paste to the page so everyone can see your comments. Just because you have read and enjoyed the book does not mean you participate in my lifestyle. I would love to hear from every one of my readers.