Dodwell Keyt

Dodwell Keyt has continued his childhood curiosity and cravings for adventure and exploration into his later years. His desire to discover the fundamental workings of the universe and his fellow man has created a thirst for knowledge and truth. He has a broad range of interests that spread from unproven scientific theories to the brush-stroke on a canvas. In school, he excelled in physics and chemistry, which led him to further his studies by attending classes for a Diploma in Applied Chemistry at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. His interests are twofold. Firstly, he a craving for technology and has, over the years, designed innovative computer equipment and developed a number of software programs for commercial companies. Secondly, he has a flair for the arts in particular drawing, painting and writing. Most of his artistic creations are completed in oil paints using the human form to project his thoughts on canvas. A number of his technical and art books are displayed on the shelves of many state libraries. He has travelled to Sri Lanka on a number of occasions to film and document the disappearing traditions, culture and customs of the people of Sri Lanka.