The Dope Boy Course

I hustle out here in these streets and my block stays hot because I am a dope dealer! My product is legit. My prices are the best in the city! I sell dope and can teach you how too!

My name is Celia Washington. Not Cecil, Celie, Cecelia, Thelia or Sylvia.
I'm the Beyonce and R. Kelly of book making. I am Sasha Fierce creating books and R. Kelly birthing them.

My creative work consists of The Dating Application, The Introvert Experience, Organized Emotions, Organized Womanhood, The Homegirling Handbook, and The Dope Boy Course.

I created The Dope Boy Course to help people worldwide share their MESSAGE with the MASSES by publishing a book, cookbook, planner, etc.

This is for those who are SERIOUS and READY to take their dope book idea from creation to published. This course saves you from wasting time and spending unnecessarily. My strategy takes you from "this is too hard" to holding a paperback copy of your dope masterpiece in your hands. This is the help you've been praying for, Googling and NEED to help you START, FINISH, PUBLISH and slang your creative books!