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Dr Christoph Boes has been tutoring A-Level Chemistry for 18 years. He began tutoring during his Chemistry study, in which he achieved a Masters of Science in Chemistry (first class degree) and a PhD in Biochemistry (first class degree). Since then, over one hundred students of all four main exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR A and B) were his clients.

While tutoring he noticed that many students struggle with exam revision. They try to memorize too much in a short period of time. They understand the need to summarize the facts, but are unsure how to do this. Revision guides are a great place to start, but still contain too many explanations. Dr Boes looked around for revision cards, but could not find anything suitable. Hence, he created his own, incorporating his extensive knowledge of exam questions, to present the essential facts in an easy to memorize form. He provided them to his students, who used them very successfully in their exams. They have been published as books, so others can benefit from them.