Dr. Ramona Hollie-Major AKA

Dr. Hollie-Major aka “The Co-Pilot” is a results-oriented leader, educator, transformational leadership coach, philanthropist, speaker, and writer. As a senior executive, she has coached and mentored both entry and management level staff to realize their goals. She has a leadership approach that embodies developing the mind, body and spirit. Leadership programs for emerging and new leaders is her passion and Signature Series. Dr. Hollie-Major has been coaching and mentoring young adults and college students for over fifteen years. She has experience in higher education, program development and management, and training. She has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level in management, marketing and educational leadership. In addition, Dr. Hollie-Major provides guidance to individuals going through transitions in their life. She empowers people to discover and achieve their goals and ultimate success as they move forward. Her technique is “action-oriented” and applied from a “systematic” framework to enhance the lives of her clients. Dr. Hollie-Major released her first book “The Art of Activation: 24 Laws To Win, To Thrive, To Prosper, To Rise that she has co-authored with 23 other AMAZING women. Her second book, "Taxi Into Position: 5 Principles Every Millennial Should Know Before Taking on a Leadership Role." is a leadership e-book for emerging leaders and high potentials. Ramona enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, spiritual and personal development, and serving God and her community.