Dr Fouad Jamal

The long path of getting residency in the USA needs good preparation. Since many of us spend lots of time to study for the exams and reading instructions, our page makes it easier for you to go through this process. Our Author; Dr Fouad Jamal Habash; has been preparing notes and guides for the last year. He got 250-260 scores in both step 1 and step 2 ck and did both of the exams within 10 months while working as a doctor. He believes that it is not about how much you read, it is about how you study! He only spent 4 hours a day preparing for USMLE exams. He got 11 interview requests and 5 of them were university programs. We provide Step 1 and 2ck Notes written and assembled by Dr Jamal, which are written from Question ideas point of view. Question ideas are the best way to study. Save time studying for USMLEs and make it to the match in less than a year. Use these notes with the help of FIrst Aid book and solving Question banks for the bestresult. These notes are complementary to FIrst Aid book and should not be used on their own