Patrick J. Oliver

Patrick Oliver is the President and CEO of Loving YOU to Life (LYTL) Ministries in Dallas, Texas. LYTL exists to love, lift, and lead organizations and persons to inherit, disciple, and steward their God-shaped and God-sized success. A United States Air Force veteran, he has served diligently in military chapel ministry around the world as well as served as Chief Servant / Lead Pastor of churches in Seattle, WA and St. Louis, MO.  Due to his continued attention to intention, he has earned a Doctor in Ministry and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. He considers mentoring critical currency to living a spent life.  Dr. P. received leadership training at Seattle, Notre Dame, Harvard, and Cornell Universities in his pursuit to be more hero maker than hero. He has a passion for promoting unity in diversity in response to the multiethnic mosaic constructed in the mind of our intentional God. Always confronting and challenging distorted definitions of success, Patrick is a champion of viewing and experiencing victorious living through the eyes of God.