Dr Tehsin Malik

Alhumdulilah, now I am a mother of 3 but my Fertility and Pregnancy journey was not easy. Having undergone a Miscarriage myself and later diagnosed as PCOS patient, I had to pave my path to my pregnancies. With Allah’s mercy, my knowledge and research in herbal and holistic medicine, I was able to fight my conditions and get pregnant ‘Naturally’. Now my Passion is to help, guide and support sisters to conceive naturally in light of Science and Islam. I have designed a Holistic Fertility support system based on Diet, Herbal Supplements, Lifestyle changes and Spiritual workouts that will InshaAllah increase the chances of getting pregnant Naturally to many folds. My Educational background includes Bachelors of Ayurvedic (Alternative) Medicine and Surgery, Post Graduate Diploma in Promotive and Preventive Health, Cert. in Food and Nutrition. With work exposure in countries like UAE, UK and India for more than 12 years, I am focused on working and researching on issues like Women wellness through Hormonal health and Natural fertility.