Anthony Fournier

I've been playing drums all my life and and teaching since 1986. In 2014 I started a YouTube channel called “drumsforbeginners” ( I recorded and uploaded videos for 12 beginning drum lessons. I wanted the videos to provide all the instruction a student would get if they took lessons with me in person, but I soon realized this would not be entirely possible. I had to keep the videos short, and I couldn’t give the student written exercises to take home and practice. Granted, you can watch the videos at home, but who wants to keep messing with the video controls while you’re trying to practice drums? It’s much easier to have something to put up on a music stand so you can look over at it whenever you need to, and keep playing. So I’ve put this book together to provide a companion to the videos, and to teach the musical notation that allows drummers to read and play rhythms written by musicians and other drummers.