earth Rx

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We are Patti and Victoria, the founders of earth Rx. We’re two first generation Chinese Americans from immigrant families and the first to be entrepreneurs! Our seedling wellness company bridges a culture gap and puts a modern spin on personalized Chinese wellness. We both grew up in Chinese families where our parents were brewing up herbal soups, making crazy potent teas, and making us do random things like cupping and acupuncture.

Now, we are obsessed about bringing Chinese wellness concepts we’ve grown up with to everyone in an accessible, fun, and beautiful way. Our first book is a compilation of TCM-inspired recipes. Recipes that work to promote chi, or energy, within our bodies. Each recipe targets specific health conditions (i.e. indigestion, women's health, etc) and inner body termperatures (a core concept of TCM). By eating certain foods during different seasons, you can optimize chi generation and preservation, leading to your best health.