Nourish Your Life

Health and nutrition hasn't always been my thing, but everyone has to start somewhere, no one is born knowing everything about health and nutrition. Unfortunately I started the wrong way, by yo-yo dieting, back and forth which then took its toll on my body. Weighing my absolute heaviest at 95kgs in 2012, I knew I needed to do something, so I joined the gym, became addicted, started eating healthy, became addicted. People say addictions are bad, but not these addictions. I tackled this thing people call weight loss all on my own, I researched everything, read books, and it really helped me to gain basic knowledge on how to be healthy, it took me a long time to lose a massive amount of weight, a year later and 20kgs lighter. Anyone can be healthy, no matter their size or weight. I’m here to show you from personal experiences that losing weight is possible without spending hundreds of dollars on weight loss programs and wasting your money. I want to INSPIRE people, I want to tell my story to everyone, and I want everyone to be happy in their own skin!