Eugen Grathwohl

Born and spending the first few years in postwar Germany. It was almost like living in medieval times. Then time speeded up. The cold war started which limited my awareness to the western world. Transistors came and shortly afterwards computer, which opened a completely new world for me. Two years in Africa widened my horizon, but I was still mostly linked to the western world. With the end of the cold war and the dawn of the Internet made the globe grow smaller but widened my awareness. Then when I was about to be interested in the retirement, a beautiful woman from the other side of the world became my destiny and I followed the call. I ended up in the Philippines. This is the reason the Manila-Trilogy plays in Manila. First hand experience of the place and the situations. As a writer, you also need to be a good listener. So enjoy the erotic stories of various foreigners placed on the shoulder of the protagonist Mr. P