ellie phant

Hello. I am a writer and "challenge addict" living in the middle of rural France. Currently I am trying to become an international showjumper before I am 53 and am writing a blog that details my journey, You can find it at mare-o-pausal.com. To finance this I have decided to sell the material I used to perform on the Northern Comedy Circuit. It has nothing at all to do with horses, It is all about taking mind-altering substances; be it ergot in 16th centuary France or mescaline with your cat. Or mind-altering situations like discovering your dog has invented velcro opposible thumbs and is considering how to take over the world. Go figure. I am sure we have all had an experience like this at some point, even if we were asleep when it happened. I hope you enjoy the ride. And don't feel sorry for the Yucca plant! He had it coming.