Elo The Source

3L⍉ TH3 S⍉⊔RC3 {Wolf Death Killer} is a American born Multi Intrinsic Progressive Dark Urban / Post-Industrial / Alternative - Omnivert ▪ Composer ▪ Sound Designer ▪ Musician ▪ Digital Artist (Forsaken Aesthetic)▪ Publisher ▪ Songwriter ▪ Vocalist (Sine Nefas) Elo has been noted for his innovative art & sound crafting and steadfast commitment to creative originality in nine art forms & The Originator Of Urban Alternative & TrillVapor. He has a affinity to create all kinds of introspective music

独行道 Dokkōdō 

My Creative Process :

I am a discovery composer I experiment with sounds & instruments as I create and try to find myself i the process. Most of the time I play the instruments, myself. The live recording doesn’t have to be very good I treat it as I treat my field recordings ect.., by extracting the best parts, manipulate them, and turn them into a playable instrument. Sometimes I am lucky though, and there is no need for a lot of tweaking.

Primary Instruments:
Keyboard, Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Secondary Instruments: 
Midi, IOS, Modular Instruments
Primary Genres: 
Dark Urban, Alternative, Industrial, Experimental, Screamo, Horrorcore
Secondary Genres:
Death Trap, Trill, Grunge, Trap Metal, Horrorcore, Downtempo, Rapcore, Wave

Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Hardcore Hiphop, Horrorcore, Emocore, Rapcore, Drone Music,  Dark Folk, Dark Jazz, Grunge, Heavy Metal, Desert Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative, Witch House, Dark Ambient Outlaw Country, Delta Blues 

Boss Dr Rhythm Dr-3, Korg Kaoss Pad Kp3, Roland Sp-404sx, Ipad Pro 2 10.5", Numark Ns 6, Korg K3, Line6 Toneport Ux8, Tascam Md-350, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Otimus Pa Monitors, Pervey Pa-400 Power Mixer, Custom Pc, Omni Chord
Record LabelOrphans Creed
Recording experience: 
Studio ninja
Years of playing music: 
12 years

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"Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self"