Emanuele Costantini

I was born in Florence (Italy) in 1975 and lived there for a couple of decades. I then lived in Rome and now in London (UK). During that period I started the deep search of the inner myself: music, poetry and writing in general became my self expression. I published "Caccia Primaria" in 1997 and few poetries in collections and magazines. When I moved to Rome in 2000, I joined the film industry. It has been a long period of research, tests and finding the quiet side of my inner self, moving from loud recording studios to quiet spaces and locations. In 2007 I found myself in London where I discovered that Soundscaping and I am now very active in the Sound Art area, film and TV industry and whenever sound is needed. I am also back to writing and willing to realease my books to let people enjoy them, hopefully.