Empress Moriah Davis

Empress Moriah was appointed to govern the nation of New Israel by American authority. Her Highness succeeded in creating thermal electric training, an advanced educational program. Her diligent efforts to continue forward in this time of transition are admirable. Empress is a permanent position, with the people of New Israel participating in self-rule. Empress Moriah worked with family leaders to create a proposal to the United States Government for land and independent rule therein. The Land Act is a bill to advance society by establishing a nonviolent, ecofriendly, culturally sensitive social model for New Israelis to reside. Empress Moriah is also a singer and author. Her music is inspired by her studies in thermal electric communication, and is a cool combination of experimental folk and alternative rap. Her latest album, Semi Sweet was released August 3, 2015. Her Imperial Highness authored the titles, Mixed Stark Culture, four works in one, and the eBook shorts, Stark and The Winning 9.