Eric Reese

"Every book I write goes into uncharted territories others won't pen."

About me:

I'm Eric Reese, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I've worked as a community organizer, educator, graphic design, human services and a number of other fields.

I'm the recipient of the first Mayoral Scholarship of Philadelphia (1993), the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Human Relations Award (1989) and a few other awards and scholarships nationally and globally.

I've always had an interest in writing especially from the old-journal-in-the-morning days as many of my books today reflect my experiences here and abroad.

When I have time for myself, I love traveling, mediating and researching new marketing tactics.

One of my weirdest experiences was when I once lived on a top roof in an apartment building in Beirut for a few weeks until I found somewhere to stay during the war in Afghanistan. Every night, I'd listen to BBC radio and hear the chaos while not be detected.

Some say that my lively and energetic character has made me many friends across the world. I really hope so; with many friends come many enemies.

In the future, I'd love to own a large home somewhere in a quiet peaceful spacious area where my neighbors are not close but not far.

Now I live wherever is called home in hopes of achieving my goal one of these days.