Ewan Hermès

Born to native American business parents, I grew up in Washington, DC. It was an amazing place to grow up. My schooling was from Evergreen High School and Washington Metropolitan High School but was later followed by higher education at Trinity Washington University where I did my MBA. I am writing since my college days, and after the MBA started focusing on blogging and too. My articles have become classics in their own time for students, aspiring entrepreneurs, executives and the rest of the people involved in business. The idea for my first eBook Series, The Techmaniac, came from Dr. Paul Williams, Director of Business Programs at Trinity Washington University. I thought it would be exciting go through the biography of 10 of the most successful tech entrepreneurs and hear their stories to find motivation. It was a fantastic personal learning experience and I conveyed the spirit and energy of that experience through the medium of my book. I look out for stories that are multi-dimensional, where the entrepreneurs have experienced several ups and downs in life. Primarily, she is interested in first generation entrepreneurs who have started a business without family support. I did not like mathematics, so decided to take up commerce in college and went on to do a BA in economics. Those were the days when three career options – engineering from MIT, MBA from Harvard and a job in Silicon Valley were the popular career options in the city I was raised in. When I decided to take different path the usual reactions followed. But somehow I knew, I was on the right path. With multiple articles on entrepreneurship and interaction with young students, I have now learned how to offer great insights about the ecosystem. As a bright student, the class topper with thick spectacles who hardly talked to anyone, I used to spend time reading books but they weren’t school textbooks as people assumed, but novels.