Excalibur Publishing

Ken was born and raised in the tiny hamlet of Hallowell, Maine. Graduating with honors from the University of West Florida, U.S. Naval Security Group, and U.S. Army Security Agency he served in a top secret capacity with the U.S. Marine Corps. and U.S. Air Force (1963-1970). Civilian experiences include system analyst, cost accountant, stockbroker, international evangelist, and motivational speaker. Ken founded Jesus is Lord Church International, The Dereck Baythe Institute, HVIN Ministries, and The Edge of Eternity. Ken’s literary works include: The Christ We Never Knew (archeological discoveries on the life and character of Jesus; The Way Home (a correspondence course for travellers desiring a rewarding and satisfying life while on their journey to Heaven); as well as numerous other publications; The Edge of Eternity (a TV series explaning Current Events, Strange Phenemenon, Mystical Encounters, etc. as they relate to Bible Prophecies). Co-founding H.U.G.S. (Helping-U-Grow Strong) Foundation, Inc., (a non-profit humanitarian organization), Ken provides destitute children medical, nutritional, and educational support; as well as public awareness of the sex trafficking industry; and AngelMist Productions, LLC which produces feature-length films to educate by entertainment, the lures and tactics of sex traffickers [to diminish the supply]; as well as warn both predators (pimps) and those who pay to rape youth (johns) of the consequences and horrors awaiting them (Matthew 18:6) [to limit the demand]. www.TheHugsFoundation.org AngelMistProductions.com