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somatic movement classes at times that suit you!

You're in the right place if any of these ring true:

  • You want simple, accessible somatic practices you can do at home to help with stress, anxiety, creative blocks, confidence and more
  • You want to inhabit your body with compassion instead of criticism
  • You want to learn how to rest without feeling guilty
  • You want to move your body more regularly in a way that feels authentic to where you're at each day
  • You want like-minded community on your somatic journey
  • You want to dance more, be more creative, allow your inner child to play
  • You want to feel more centered and capable in your every day life

What you get:

  • Anytime access to an ever-growing vault of expandance somatic and creative practices, mobility exercises and relaxing restorative classes, with new content added each month
  • One live members-only class with me per month (worth the membership price on it's own) giving you a chance to connect live with other members and do our practice together
  • Replays
  • Membership challenges
  • Access to a private community in the Facebook group for you to build community with fellow expandancers around the world, share your expandance art, musings and insights, and get feedback and advice from fellow members and me!

"Rachel's classes are magnificent. She is an absolute gem in guiding and co-regulating my nervous system towards healing. Every single class I took has been soothing and calming. expandance is like going on an adventure inside myself. Discovering and exploring new territory inside my body, and always coming home with precious treasures I have found on this fantastic journey.

The sharing afterwards is gold. It establishes and anchors the practice even more. There is a 'witness'. We dance together, and heal together. Thank you Rachel for inventing expandance!" - Linda, member

Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm an award-winning professional choreographer, dance artist and teacher, and the founder of the expandance® technique – a practice I've been developing for over 17 years. I'm delighted to be able to bring this membership to you – wherever you are in the world. Let's dive in to our bodies, our creativity, our playfulness and our healing.

"Your class is like a soft place to land" - Jenny

What people LOVE about this membership:

"the flexibility to participate and fit it in with my busy life"

"somatic practices at my fingertips"

"24 hour access, different lengths of videos"

"the expandance community"

"that I can practice anytime I need / want to!"

"having access to the shorter sessions is great! That means fewer excuses and when I’m short on time; I can choose the exercise that calls out to me the most"

"new classes being added"

"support, variety of exercises / durations available"

What's in the vault

... more classes added every month! Choose classes at random - they don't need to be done in order.

"expandance allows me to unwind my body / mind / spirit in a nourishing way. Rachel's gentle and clear guidance allows me to feel fully and deeply. I love that there are different lengths of practice so I can fit it into my busy schedule. expandance at my finger-tips, in the membership is a GIFT...yes please!"

- Megan

"expandance has helped me reconnect with myself and find some healing. It’s helpful for me to ground myself in my body and to let go of negative judgements"

- Andrea

"I am so grateful for having the expandance membership during my pregnancy. I love that expandance is a practice I can do both on days where I'm feeling energized and on those days where I feel really drained, exhausted, or achy from pregnancy. I can move along with my body instead of forcing it to move and somehow both provide the same benefits. I walk away feeling centered and in a place of trust"

- Ellen Rawley

“I just did an expandance workshop and I feel incredible. I feel so alive, my whole body is just full of life force energy and I feel powerful, joyful and incredibly connected and grounded at the same time… my body is singing with joy”

- Caitlin


expandance membership

per month

* For members of the cancer community taking expandance with Rachel through St. Joseph's / Providence cancer wellness programming, please e-mail for your code