Сергей Федосин

Sergey G. Fedosin, a physicist, philosopher and science writer, has graduated from the Perm State University in 1978. Sergey Fedosin is the author of twenty scientific papers and three patents. The author of five monographs: 1. "Physics and philosophy of similarity from preons to metagalaxies", Perm: Style-MG, 1999, 544 p., Fig. 93, Ref. 377. ISBN 5-8131-0012-1. http://lccn.loc.gov/2009457349. 2. "Modern problems of physics. Searching for new principles," M: Editorial URSS, 2002, 192 p. ISBN 5-8360-0435-8. http://lccn.lc.gov/2009457352 . 3. "The fundamentals of syncretics. The philosophy of carriers", M: Editorial URSS, 464 p., Fig. 11, Ref. 102, 5 applications. ISBN 5-354-00375-X. http://lccn.loc.gov/2009457351 . 4. "The carriers of life: origin and evolution." - St. Petersburg, Publishing house "Dmitry Bulanin", 2007, 104 p., Fig. 11, Ref. 60. ISBN 978-5-86007-556-6. http://lccn.loc.gov/2009457350 . 5. "Physical theories and the infinite nesting of matter", Perm, 2009-2011, 858 p., Fig. 41, Ref. 293. ISBN 978-5-9901951-1-0. http://serg.fedosin.ru/knen.htm . Known as the author of: 1. Similarity of matter levels and SPФ symmetry in the theory of Infinite Hierarchical Nesting of Matter. 2. Philosophy of carriers. 3. Syncretics. 4. Laws of philosophy. 5. Extended special theory of relativity. 6. Metric theory of relativity. 7. Lorentz-invariant theory of gravitation. 8. Covariant theory of gravitation. 9. Strong gravitational constant. 10. Gravitational induction. 11. Modernized Le Sage’s theory of gravitation. 12. The system of axioms of general theory of relativity. 13. Discreteness of stellar parameters. 14. Stellar constants. 15. Model of quark quasiparticles. 16. Gravitational model of strong interaction. 17. Substantial proton model. 18. Substantial electron model. 19. The general principle of equivalence of mass and energy, which is generalized with respect to the binding energy to any cosmic objects. 20. Electron-ionic model of ball lightning. 21. Operator of proper-time-derivative. S. G. Fedosin is a co-author of the idea of the fifth scale dimension.