Discover your unconditional self-love. Unleash your humanity. Actualize your transformational leadership. | Thank you in advance.

When I create, I do my best to be the receiver, guided by something greater than myself. In the moment, as I remain, I am made to feel, without judgement, creating in the hopes that YOU can see beyond your failures and flaws -- and just create, as we are all born-creators.


A special thank you to all lifelong learners and educators.

May the energy within this work be transferred to you and may you be inspired to transform the life of another.

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Sharpen your vocabulary. Engage your creative energy. Spark your intellectual curiousity. Participate passionately in school restrictive/public school education-lacking subjects necessary for cititzenry success like personal growth and finance for wealth building. Learn effective ways to analyze, critisize, and dissect the words, themes, and meanings behind each writing piece. (Do it individually and or in a group.) Expand your indepth understanding of societal policies. Question reasonings and explore possible social, ethical and historical context behind various lines of text. Sharpen your free thinking ability. Become your most inquisitive, without reproach.

No more body shaming. No more being voiceless. No more perfection seeking. No more self-hate without end. No more passive existence.

Hello unconditional self-love. Hello being vulnerable. Hello interdependence. Hello transformational leadership. Hello world.

Congrats! - in advance for investing in your self-help and personal growth. Start your reading journey below.

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