Financing Freedom

I created Financing Freedom with the main vision of helping people who want to become financially free but they don't have much knowledge about how it's done or they are learning from people that are just trying to make money from them without giving them the information that they need to really become financially free.

When I started out 5 years ago, I faced a lot of failures in my entrepreneur journey as I did not have enough knowledge of what I was doing. I read and watched lots of "gurus" but turned out they just wanted to make money and not really showing you how it's done and what it takes. 

While writing my first ever ebook, I had only one vision in his mind; to help people from the heart and to never turn my audience into a depressed being buying every pieces of shit. Everyone advised me not to give away so much information and knowledge in my first attempt or else, I would not have any topic left for other ebooks, which I completely denied. I gave away every real information that everyone trying to be financially free should know. The Real Passive Income Nobody is Talking About was made in good faith, hence why, I am giving everyone Free access to our private networking platform where not only everyone will be able to get experts help and advice for their business, finance, etc, but also to meet with like minded people. On top of that, everyone wanting to start their own business, will be getting Free mentorship and guidance from me and other experts. Together we can achieve great things. 

I believe in doing what you think is right first and after being successful, teach and show it with real proof to everyone who want to achieve big. We are all humans and nobody is perfect but we do learn from other's mistake. And when someone traces a route which once seems impossible, there is no harm in taking this route over and over again 🙂

- Prince
  Founder of Financing Freedom