Amba Brown

Like everyone else, Amba has lived through and observed the various pressures and stresses of the phases moving into adulthood. As she progressed through this uncertain and anxious new period, she always felt that there should be a book that she could refer to and consult in making informed decisions for herself. Amba's five younger siblings whose similar concerns over the years has proven to her that the message of this book is still relevant and important. Amba is from Sydney, Australia and has been residing in Singapore since 2014. She has completed her Honours in Positive Psychology and is currently travelling around California, working on her next writing project. After 18 months of travelling, six years of university and seven years in the work force, she knew that contributing to the field of positive psychology was her dream. Writing this guide for school-leavers to support and inspire them as they continue forward in finding their path is her personal step towards this.