Alan Foos - Foos Research

BA Botany University of Montana, MS Soil Science Montana State University Many years working for Fort Peck Community College, instructor, grant writer, network administrator Now retired in Thailand. Have written this book to help others stricken with Lyme disease. Relates 47 years experience with Lyme, battles with medical providers, government agencies and how a wife and three children were destroyed by Lyme disease before anyone knew what was wrong. Millions are infected without knowing, thinking they have bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, MS, Alzheimer's, personality disorder or many other bogus creations of the criminal CDC and pharmaceutical industry. Learn what you can expect and how to win, the methods used to win out over Lyme and eventually cure it, at least what has worked for me. If armed with the truth soon enough, you can avoid losing your health career, home and family, the fate of millions of clueless victims. Check out the website to learn mor about how the CDC, Mayo clinic, and SmithKline have deceived the masses.