Force One Networkz

SALUTE TO THOSE WHO PUT IN WORK THROUGH OUT THE DECADES FOR TRUE HIP HOP CULTURE,Gee Rock (born Derek Simmons, March 28, 1963) beginning his true Hip Hop roots in 1978. A few years later forming a duo (Too Dangerous) with his original Dj Johnny Dangerous”(Johnny Holiday)whom later left the group, and was replaced by”DJ Haste Precision”(Ezekiel Washington),and for a short period, having a Rap partner “S Dee” (David Lamar)and then ultimately “DJ Treacherous D” (Arnold Durant) thus solidifying the group’s legacy. Gee Rock was also known for Dee jaying, and Emceeing and Producing at the same time, later came Graffiti and Break dancing. Excelling in all of these elements, Being one of Newark’s first Hip Hop veterans, Gee Rock became an Innovative Force in the Hip Hop culture, and has since then Accumulated many accolades and has worked with many of Hip Hop’s veterans with the likes of: 45 king, Lakim Shabazz,Booski(infinity rappers), Naughty By Nature, Chill Rob G, Mr. Funky (Lords of The Underground), Reggie Reg (The Legendary Crash Crew ), Dotta Rock ( Fantastic Five), Waterbed Kev (L brothers, fantastic five,)Dj Baron, Rodney C (funky four +1 ), Tame One (Artifacts ), Percee P( The Rhyme Inspector), and has formed his own production company and label called :’CND Productions’ ‘Force One Networkz’ in which he has produced over 10 artists of his own, for about 20 years, gee has also dabbed into film making as well with about 4 films to his credit. He has also effectively penetrated the Radio Industry with the ultimate duty of Carting the songs on the legendary 105.9 F.M. W.N.W.K (Formerly W.H.B.I.) for about a year. Now with his own internet radio station (Force One Network Radio) along with a with a host of Associates in & around the hip hop circle, and 37 years of active duty, and over 100 releases consisting of albums, EP’s, singles, compilations…etc. Adding to his credit, 44 releases presently in discogs….40 more coming in the form of the brick city breaks catalogue Over 300 videos on you tube. Along with a world record certification for releasing multiple albums in a year . to date he has put out over 100 releases ….being active for over 3 decades Has captured many accolades like: business week magazine, contributing to the rise of social media site:, Gee still continues to multi task wearing several hats with his company :the FORCE ONE NETWORKZ umbrella consisting of the brick city breaks catalogue, CND productions, forcedgrafx, filmworkz, and force one network radio….gee rock’s legacy also caught the attention of the international crowd who have embraced his history so much so, that German born indie label HEAVY JEWELZ was created as a result of an interview covering the urban legends hip hop roots…they are presently releasing various projects covering gee rock’s 90’s era, consisting of several albums, EP’S, Singles…etc unreleased gems…the birth of the internet, most definitely was the driving factor in exposing this mans history which some consider amazing, as gee prepares himself to receive a team fearless hip hop honors award…what better way to sum up this Incredible journey.