FRANCIS TITUS KING is an extraordinary poet , writer , publisher and an humanitarian with the undying passion to contribute positively to the noble cause of the human race , to advance the cause of mankind and to leave behind a lasting legacy that shall continue to inspire all men.

He is the Founder / President / C.E.O of DEE EVERGREEN WORLD. A global organization that specializes in producing highly inspirational timeless works of poetry that are meant to add great value to the world and positively impact the human race.

He believes in the youths of the world. He believes that the youths are assets to any nation and he also believes that together we can make the world a better place.

In this dark world , let us be the bright light that will shine throughout the whole wide world.

In each of us lies the extraordinary spirit and ability to make the world a better place.

Life is not just about living a life of existence. It is about making positive contributions to the human race. It is about making impact in the world and let generations of men remember that someone great indeed came to this world.

Tell the youths , tell the children of the world and tell the future generations that in them lies extreme greatness that can be of immense benefit to the world.

Noble deeds are the hallmarks of noble men.


-Francis Titus King


At DEE EVERGREEN WORLD our humble vision and mission is to contribute positively to the human race.

To inspire to change the world.

And we hope that one day , people of this generation and the future generations will catch this vision and also contribute positively to the noble ideals of a better world.


... Be inspired to change the world !

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