Frank Robinson is an author, songwriter and musician and ‘Let’s Dance On Our Wedding Day’ is his second book. The book is based on Franks song of the same name and the song can be downloaded free from Franks website, when the book is purchased. Frank’s third book, ‘The Adventures Of Bobby The Bedlington Terrier’, ‘Bobby and The Kidnap Plot’, is launched at the same time as ‘Let’s Dance On Our Wedding Day’. ‘Into The Travellers World’ was Franks first book, a science fiction short story, based on the Mountain Rio song The Traveller. Frank writes songs in many different genres and promotes his country songs under the nom de plume of Mountain Rio. All Mountain Rio songs are recorded in Nashville by producer Stacy Hogan and feature the wonderful vocals of Mike Lusk. Other nom de plumes Frank releases his songs under are Athenos, The Amazing Doctor Love, Tinsel, Mixed Bag and The Snowmen. All of Frank's songs are released on the Mountain Rio label and can be download at all major online stores. Frank has had a number of hits in The Official European Independent Music Chart. The highest entry to date was in December 2015 when his song Babes, a pop/dance track, featuring The Amazing Doctor Love, reached number two. Frank worked in the UK Railway industry for 42 years before retiring in October 2016. You can hear more of Frank’s music and see a selection of videos on his website.