Fran's Food Stories


Welcome to my recipe ebook! As the title suggests this ebook contains 31 delicious plant based dinner recipes for everyday cooking. Whether you follow a plant based diet, are a meat eater or a flexitarian, this ebook is for everyone. The recipes are created to inspire you to eat more veggies and enjoy delicious recipes without meat or dairy. My aim in creating this recipe ebook was to give you recipes that are packed full of flavour and are easy enough to make on a weekday evening, without leaving you feeling flustered in the kitchen. 

A little about me...
I have always had a passion for good food made using quality ingredients. Growing up, my mother ensured that my 3 siblings and I had hearty home cooked meals after school and I would often watch her and help her in the kitchen. This instilled my love of cooking and from a young age I would always be eager to bake and create. I am now a plant based chef and recipe developer, having trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London on their Plant Based Culinary Diploma. My aim is to develop recipes that deliver most importantly on taste and flavour, the fact that they are vegan is a secondary bonus. 

The ebook contains:
- 31 plant based dinner recipes
- Divided into sections: quick dinners, hearty dinners, sharing dinners and light dinners. 
- Includes a suggestion section on my favourite plant based and vegan products. 
- Tips and tricks to reduce food waste.

I hope you enjoy cooking the recipes from my first recipe ebook. I would love to see how you get on, so please do tag me on Instagram @fransfoodstories if you share any of your creations!