Gabriel Luque

Gabriel J. Luque V, was born in April 12, 1999, in Valera located in the state Trujillo, Venezuela. Son of Jose Luque y Keidy Velasquez, minor of 4 brothers. At the age of 5 he enters to the School "Santa Teresita ", which was a Nuns' college. He stayed 7 years there up to finishing his education. He began his high school in the School "Republica de Venezuela ", where he deals last year of average general education. He belongs to the “Asociación Scouts de Venezuela", where he gets out of a jam itself in the accomplishment of ecological, humanist and social projects, on the other hand it belongs to the group of voluntarily "Doctor Yaso" where constant he visits the hospital "Pedro Emilio Carrillo". He inhales studies Architecture in the "Universidad Simón Bolívar" in Miranda, or in the Faculty of Architecture of the "Universidad Central de Venezuela" in the state Lara.