Girl, GYLIO came into existence by accident and out of the frustration in our lives. Every conversation we had on the phone with our long distance friendship, involved discussing our goals and how we ultimately wanted our lives to end up. "Girl, I need to get my life in order", was the usual convo during our monthly catch-up sessions. One day we had our "Ah Ha" moment and Girl, GYLIO was born. As we continue to work on getting our lives in order, we want to invite you to join us in achieving goals, reading books, enjoying "Me Time" and so much more. We are not life experts, but we know what we want and how we want to live our lives. Our planning systems were carefully thought out and we live our daily lives by them. We've had ups and down, bad days and good days. But, we know that proper planning and belief in ourselves is key to overcoming life's obstacles and living our best lives. We also know that there's nothing like having someone cheering in the stands, whether you're winning or losing. So, when those setbacks come along, you can count on our planning sheets to get you back on track. We have tons of planning sheets to offer. For this first round, we are introducing 5 systems that we strongly believe in. We hope you commit to this journey, as we're a living testament that the planning system works when executed and implemented properly. Stay committed! Your Goalfriends