Global Biodynamics

I've been a holistic health practitioner for over ten years.  My point of difference is the way I've experienced the world, in the pursuit of becoming a free human being on our planet.  There is only so much you can learn from books, courses and mentors, especially when money is involved.  Money almost always gets in the way of purity of learning.  You can read more about my experiences in my eBooks.

I founded Global Biodynamics in 2012 with the intention of protecting our natural resources, and providing the type of education that gives a person complete freedom - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You can support us and find this education by purchasing our eBooks.  We have other products listed on ourwebsite, such as organic cotton t-shirts.

Consulations available by request.

Thanks for visiting our payhip store!  We've used this site because we feel our money is better spent on conservation and education than on high-end websites.  If you need to contact us you can email at