Tom Steiner van den Ouweelen

Tom Steiner van den Ouweelen is a Technical Instructor Trainer living in Malta and originaly from Switzerland, his passion is teaching technical diving and cave diving either on backmount or sidemount. His extensive experience after 36 years in the water will bring you the most interesting courses that you can ask for. The training is hard but you will become a very good diver. Cavern Instructor, Intro to Cave Instructor, Full cave Instructor, Cave Evaluator, Cave I and Cave II Instructor. Total number of dives : +10'500 Rebreather hours : 2'500 (Inspiration, SF1, Draeger, OMG "Azimuth", Voyager) Cave dives : +1'800 (Spain, France, Mexico, Malta, Egypt) Dives between 40 to 100 meters : +4000 Dives between 100-150 meters : +250 Dives between 150-200 meters : 5 First dive : was in 1979 Training agencies : TDI/SDI, INNERSPACE Explorers, PADI