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Daniel J. Skinner is an Author, Writer, Certified Success Coach, Environmental Hygienist, Science Technician, Food Intolerance Testing Agent, Speaker and Owner of eHealthScan. He is an expert in the gluten-free lifestyle through his own food intolerances and allergies and was forced to make daily lifestyle changes to save his son Dylan from the debilitating effects of ADHD and autism. Daniel is passionate about finding healthier ways of living that make a difference in people’s lives and health. Trained in finding hidden bacteria, fungus and mold in the environment, Daniel provides specific protocols on how to eradicate the source of the problem. He performs food intolerance tests on people suffering from health issues related to food allergies and intolerances. “We are not forced to eat what we eat, it’s our choice.” Daniel is passionate about helping people make better food choices knowing they will feel better, sleep better, look better and have more energy and concentration.