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Originally published by Art MacKay March 2007, Updated January 2022Believe or don’t believe it, my art career began in the 1950s. I know it is really hard for the new guard to believe, but there really wasn’t any internet, Google image search, Pi...
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I've tried them all and Payhip has the best system for listing products ... Now all I need is a sale!!
Well maybe not all of them. But I've had 2 websites hacked and one provider hacked. So I went with freebie and did an upgrade. Their system is so complex to work through that I gave up on that. But then I discovered
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DISTANCE LEARNING: Stuck at home with the Kid's. Here's a fun whale project to keep them busy!
This "Blue Whale Puppet" was inspired by one I saw online somewhere. I've included 2 sizes, 8-1/2 x 11and 11 x 17. Print your size choice on heavy card stock, cut out the parts, punch holes in the appropriate places and insert paper fast...
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