Cabin Crew Consultant

I have been working in aviation for the last 17 years and it is something I am very passionate about - I set up my business for the purpose of advising Cabin Crew. It was something new in 2011 (today there are many) and still remains a great resource for anyone who wants to be crew or take their cabin crew career further. I started flying as Cabin Crew 17 years ago with one of the biggest 'flag carrier' airlines in the UK and then moved on to working as crew for an airline in the UAE. I worked as a VIP Flight Attendant for world leaders, governments and high profile clientele on their private jets, travelling worldwide for 8 years, before becoming Head of Cabin Crew at a private jet charter company. At the present time, I work as a Cabin Crew Manager and Instructor (commercial and private aviation) as well as being a consultant and writer. I love my work and love to write - so this is a great way for me to pass my knowledge on!