Go Get It, Inc.

Nefateria Robinson is the Owner of Go Get It, Inc., a Certified Professional Coach and Author, who inspires entrepreneurs to A.C.T.; Activate Faith, Commit to a Plan, and Take Action, when it comes to the goals they want to accomplish in their business and personal finances. Her goal is to one day, have helped enough people to have eliminated 1 million dollars in debt. She understands that being able to accomplish the goals we want for our life; require us first having our faith and finances in order, so we can experience true freedom. Start now by joining her FREE 21 Day Debt Elimination Initiative at bit.ly/21daydei. Get her latest book... How to ACT; Activate Faith, Commit to a Plan, Take Action That Will Change Your Life at bit.ly/how2act For Support, Help and Encouragement... Join her FB Group ACtion Takers at https://www.facebook.com/groups/185727115240026/