Hakima Tantrika, Relationships Coach | Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert

Hi, I am Hakima Tantrika, otherwise known as "Tantra Cacao" on social media. 

I have devoted my life to support men & women stuck in toxic relationships and who want to make the shift towards healthier relationships. 

Together, we will identify the existence of unhealthy relationship patterns including narcissistic abuse, move past the trauma and the fear to be alone and, get you empowered to return to a place of self-love and emotional freedom. 

I will teach you the mindsets, tools, and actions to help recover. As a result, you will have a deeper understanding of where you are now, be better equipped and shift to where you want to be. 

About Narcissistic Abuse
No one can possibly comprehend the complexity of the abuse, and the emotional suffering caused by it unless they have gone through it themselves. 

I was engaged to a covert narcissist (you can read an article about this story here). I wasn’t even aware that I was in a toxic relationship but I knew I was losing my mind and soul gradually.

As a survivor myself, I understand the pain and life challenges experienced by victims. Narcissistic abuse is not well understood by most people, which leads to a lack of power. I have made it my life mission to educate people on narcissistic abuse and help to make the necessary changes needed to attract healthier partners. You deserve a safe and loving relationship.

About Energy Healing
My other expertise is energy healing. I am a tantra teacher and I help men & women to flush trauma out of their body, work through their attachment style (avoidant-secure-anxious), explore their masculine and feminine energies so that they can attract a partner that is good for them.

. You feel misunderstood, scared and alone
. You became a ghost of yourself and keep doubting your reality
. You are tired that someone else has control over your emotions
. You want to set yourself free from toxicity and heal trauma
. You have lost your confidence and sense of self-worth
. You identify yourself as an empath
. You are interested in a holistic approach to narcissistic abuse recovery

If that is you, together we will :
. Identify relationships blockages including narcissistic abuse and co-dependendy
. Overcome the fear to be alone and complex PTSD/trauma
. Awaken your life-force energy and get your confidence back
. Support you becoming empowered to be your higher Self

“Hakima listens with an ear to the unsaid. Her wisdom is ageless.” - Jonathan A.

 “I’ve never felt so empowered. Hakima has helped me to honestly accept myself and find my life path. I can now say I’m calmer and excited to wake up every morning.” - Emily R.

 “It’s clear that Hakima genuinely cares about her clients and deeply gets to know them. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to banish demons, make real changes, move out of difficult situations and live life to the fullest.” - Michael J.

“Hakima walks beside me on my journey of embracing my authentic self while also grabbing my hand and pulling me forward if I need it. She also knows when to lovingly kick me in the ass and will let me forge forward when I’m feeling bold. More importantly than her being a fantastic teacher and coach, she is a real friend who tells it like it is without judgment attached.” - Sofia T.

My certifications
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach
I am a certified "Self-Love & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach". I am trained by the expert in the field, Michele Lee Nieves. 

Relationships Coach
I have been coached and trained by The School of Love NYC.

Energy Healing
I am a certified Tantra Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T. 300hr).
I've trained extensively in the holistic healing arts and personal development for over a decade. I am continually researching and training in my fields of interest. 

I am a certified Chromotherapist.