Haneef Khee

An experienced and energetic adult’s educator with the knowledge, skills and understanding of a range of teaching, learning, assessment and behaviour management strategies needed to make a positive impact on the progress of adult learners. Mr. Haneef wants to make his mark on adult’s educational ethos, progress and development by using his confidence and initiative to help adult learners fulfil their potential. With open-mindedness and determination, he can motivate and inspire both himself and others to succeed. He has a long track record of being able to motivate, collaborate and facilitate learning among adult learners. He is also an excellent trainer, who is able to establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities and also develop high quality schemes of work and lesson plans for learners. He is a very sociable person who has a natural ability of talking to, and building relationships with all kinds of people. He consider himself to be someone whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability to build rapport with a diverse workforce in a multicultural setting. Being a highly analytical thinker he is therefore able to quickly identify, scrutinise, improve, and streamline complex learning disabilities, offering learning solutions and helping adult learners to realize and maximise their learning potentials in the shortest possible time.