Hanobooks is a subsidiary of Tattle House Publishing (THP) was founded in 2011 by Liza Hanoman. THP is web based. Its Publishing House offers e-publishing services. We specialize in the provision of academic e-texts, fiction and nonfiction novels, plays, academic research, quarterly papers. THP's main focus is to give access to better educational texts via modern technology. THP's mode of conducting business is to offer every author the choice to his or her e-publication sold on Amazon or via THP's online bookstore while the author contemplates a variety of packages for the project’s film adaptation or theater production. THP's offers its clientele a rainbow of solutions ranging from the written manuscript to short films and theater production. They offer a number of packages which are available to Indie authors and traditional publishers. Follow us - https://www.facebook.com/tattlepublishers Email us - tattleaxa@gmail.com Address - Meads Bay, West End, Anguilla, British West Indies