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Avery Washington was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and is one of the most respected authors in the world today. He is a very passionate author who has combined his great gift of storytelling and poetry into powerful collections of heartfelt writings in which we all can relate to daily. Mr. Washington allows the reader to experience every emotion as he intellectually stimulates minds with rhythm and rhyme telling stories of great inspiration, love and awareness. Mr. Washington allows the reader to feel emotions on various topics and his first book "JUST SPEAKING MY MIND, Spoken Word Poetry Vol.1" has maintained a five star rating from the readers as it continues to touch lives all across the country. He has performed poems from this great book at many venues. "Different Last Names" is a poem from the book which has brought tears of joy and comfort as the author describes the pain and heartache many children who are raised in households today experience by having a different last name from the rest of the family. He also has tantalizing poems such as "Poetic Love Making," in which the author compares his passion for writing poetry to love making. Mr. Washington has a great new book promoting self love and self respect for daughters of all ages entitled "LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTERS, Poetic Affirmations of Love From A Father" which has had a very powerful effect on not only the youth, but adult women as well. The book reminds them of the love and support of their fathers and the special bond that only a father and his daughter shares. He is a father of three daughters and feels that affirmations of love from a father can be very instrumental in building good emotional, mental and social health for daughters of all ages.