Izabela Calik


We all used to to high volume of stress and lack of time in our life. Sometimes we just forget to prioritise ourselves.

Several years ago I have been diagnosed with chronic disease arthritis, what made me change my thinking. At the moment there isn’t a cure, however your lifestyle choices can be truly powerful and I am talking from experience.

In this book I focused on easy to make, quick, nutritious, healthy food or food with purpose if you prefer what can change your life. All given advice and the recipes have been working well for me for almost 2 years now and managed to decrease my pain and mobility. I am not a doctor, I can only speak from experience.

I recommend to re set your lifestyle: eat real food with nutritious value, exercise regularly every day - of course the level of exercise depends of your abilities, but even a simple walk in a park will help and don’t forget to find time for yourself.

Stress and negativity really affect your health and can case health issues. Treat yourself with positive thinking and appreciate yourself!

Warm Regards,