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About the Author... I was sickly and very thin at the age of 5. As a matter of fact, I almost died of Tuberculosis. My physical body remained thin all the way until college years. It was my stomach that grew years after working in multinational and other private ventures. By 1994, I met a Mr. United Kingdom in a gym in the Philippines. He was a Pastor and former user of illegal drugs in UK. Somehow, my physical body responded to the exercises until I became muscular enough to engage in Martial Arts. Until now, I use the gift of God (good health) to continue studying Words of God in the bible as these apply to the present. My Facebook messages will show I have become an activist in the good sense of the word, trying to guide others to think of righteousness and many ways of improving our world. At 61, I appear to be one of the most healthy (if not the healthiest) of all batch mates in Ateneo Grade School 1969 and High School 1973. • Espiritu Santo Parochial School (Holy Spirit) with Cathechism & Religion Subjects since 1959; • Ateneo de Manila University from Grade 4 to College with Religion/Theology Subjects; • Academic Scholar of the Ateneo Scholarship Foundation; • Ateneo de Cagayan / Xavier University MBA Program; • Bible Studies with Lawyer/Pastor John Mayhue of UCC Mission in 1989; • Bible Studies with multiple other Christian Groups up to present; • Conducted Bible Studies for the poor of Calderon Squatter Area, Commonwealth Ave. in 1981; • Completed over 140 Professional Research Projects about Local and International Issues for mostly MBA Students in RP and other countries; • With career experiences in the business world covering Finance, Audit, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Promotions, Production, and Entrepreneurship; • Initiated Tree Planting for 1,000 Narra Trees and over 500 Fruit Trees in Estanza, Albay in 2016; • Author of Unpublished Holy Bible Notes (Manuscript) 1989. • Currently President of TUFNACO (The United Filipinos Consumers’ Cooperative)