(IE) Indigenous Entertainment

BIO: Mr. Olmec Punch Himself Is Back On The Scene With A New Scroll And A New Album On Deck. The New International Hit Single "Let It Be Understood" Is Drawing A Lot Of Global Attention. It Is Now Ranked #1 On The Number One Music Charts In The United States, It Is Ranked #7 In All Other Countries And Number 17# For All Other Genres In The United States, Georgia. The New Video Is Now Available On Youtube. Please Check Link Below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTE-ENVMrTI&feature=em-upload_owner#action=share Furthermore, One Of His Multiple Businesses In Atlanta Was Recently Inducted Into The Atlanta Business Hall Of Fame, After Winning The Award For The Best Bottled Water For 2 Consecutive Years. This Year King El Rey Will Be Releasing A Series Of Books From His Olmec Punch Series And A Lot Of Great Mu-sic. As An Artist/Musician King El Rey Is A Very Prolific Song Writer, And Producer, Who Has Finally Decided To Release A Mainstream Project For The First Time. Over The Years He Has Worked With Artist Such As Sunny From The Female R&B Group “Kut Klose Founded By Keith Sweat, The Former Motown R&B Male Group “The Boys” And Other Top 10 Billboard Artists. PROJECT Description: “Revival Of The Lost Arts Vol 1,” Is A Project Reviving Many Of The Lost Arts Of Which Were Originally Apart Of Hip Hop Music, Such As But Not Limited To Clever And Witty Lyrics, Dope Concepts, Mixing And Scratching, The Elements Of Royalty And Sophisticated Content. A Digital E-Book Is Also Being Released With The Project Explaining The Album, The Next Generation Of Mu-sic And The Untold History Of Hip-Hop Mu-sic. Furthermore, Revival Of The Lost Arts Will Be Introducing A New Genre Of Music Called “HIGH RESONANCE MU-SIC." ARTIST NAME: King El Rey RECORD LABEL: (IE) Indigenous Entertainment MUSIC GENRE: "High Resonance" TRACK TITLE: “Let It Be Understood” PRODUCER: The Crates Of Germany TWITTER ID: @OlmecRoyalty FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/King.ElRe Number One Music Site For The Fans http://www.numberonemusic.com/kingetznabshaquanelrey Below Are A List Of Some Of His Really Good Books Available For Purchase. Be Sure To Read The Preliminary Overview Of Each Scroll And Select The One Most Suitable For You. He Has A Series Of Scrolls He Will Be Releasing This Year. Thank You All Very Much.