Dean Patino

Dean Patino Divorce Advisor & Cost Savings Coach Dean is a devoted and loving father, father-in-law, and grandfather. Divorced for over 11 years, separated prior to that for years, and has spent numerous time in court over that time. He is not an attorney, nor provides legal advice, however has recently authored a book named, “Divorce Advisor & Cost Savings Smart Guide” based on his years of experience and founded the website to help others considering or going through a divorce to empower them throughout for a better life. He is a successful 25 year technology sales & management professional and entrepreneur who brings a unique perspective as a divorce advisor & cost savings coach. Our mission is to ease heavy financial and emotional burdens for those facing divorce by providing effective ways and resources to help minimize cost & empower them for a better life ahead. With the combination of being a loving father, his years of experience going through a long separation and divorce process, and professional sales & management technology backgrounds he is able to offer a variety of ways to help people address the number most asked question. ”How Much Does Divorce Cost?” Naturally everyone asks this question because they have heard divorce is “expensive” and want to understand what they are getting into. The fact is no one can actually be sure what divorce will cost. However there are ways to minimize those costs, though it is not an area divorce attorneys or mediators are focused on. Even with information scattered about the internet, there still isn’t a single source forum to learn how to reduce divorce costs and ease the emotional strife. Until now with Dean is also founder of Top 5 Percent Income, a business to help others learn to how to achieve much higher income throughout their career with effective and proven ways to get a job, raise, promoted, and add side income streams. It’s another resource Dean provides for those going through divorce with uncertainty facing them to get a job or how to earn much higher income since it will be cut back drastically while going through and post divorce.