H R Baker

H R Baker is a fiction author, storyteller, and writer that enjoys writing Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, plus poetry and prose. He tends to be involved in all types of media: Animation, Comic Books, Ebooks, Graphic Novels, Podcasts, Print, and the Web. His previous works include the Brothers Blood comic book, Path of Retribution (Book One of Dreams, Illusions, and Realities), and and Etched in Writing: A poetry collection of emotions. He is currently working on the continuation of the Dreams, Illusions, and Realities series. While also working on a standalone novel called Immortal Struggle. Plus a graphic novel called Talon Organization. Sign up for the mailing list located on the website or follow on Social Media. Web – www.hrbauthor.com Facebook – facebook.com/hrbauthor Twitter – twitter.com/hrbauthor