PB Hawks

He was born into a Brooklyn Italian family, Phil was a shy and timid Catholic young man and did not fit in with the other boys in his neighborhood. He quit school and enlisted in U.S. Army at seventeen. After his military career, he continued his education. Seven years, of architectural training later he started working in the profession of Architecture. It was a mystery to him how he found a life on the Oregon coast. Sitting in front of his computer he started to write which has continued to this very day. Christianity was part of his life since 1977 when he did something most Catholic's never do, he gave his life to Jesus Christ, and life had a new meaning for the first time. Christian Drama Fiction is his way of bringing out the truths of Jesus. His writings are novels that man women could understand and enjoy. His first book 'The "Visitor" is a short story of a Church longing for better things and received all they prayed for, only to lose it all because they were ashamed of the giver. His second novel" Can You Hear The Holy Spirit' tells a story of two young men wanting to see gods power in their Church and how God answers their request. Now comes his best effort. His new book is ‘Transfixed-Christian Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Family values and a Christian way of Life. The enjoyment of writing is praying in a different way. He asked the Holy Spirit for the guidance and rejoices when the answer is revealed. The Lord will get His message out in any way He can. He just wanted to be a tool in the hands of his Lord. Just like the men in his last book, he wants to see God’s power demonstrated to all the church so Jesus will be Glorified Show Less add blog