About the Author Galo is the pseudonym of Jaime Huerta, Chilean cartoonist and journalist.He supports with his jobs (cartoons and interviews) several newspapers, magazines and internet sites. He won the first prize in the 2nd.National Contest of Comics Chile 2000 with his comics Huemulin. Besides he had merit honour in the 10° international cartoon contest in Daejeon, Seoul, Korea (2001) as well He had merit honour in the international comics contest of the Golagha Institute en Teheran, Iran (2001) In 2004 year he had a participation likes representative of latinoamerica with others southamerica' cartoonists in the Expo of Comics done of Banja, Luka, en Bosnia Herzegovina 2004 Besides, he was obtain a distinction ' Prize of Excellence' in el 3er.International Cartoon Competition del Googlm China, 2004 On year 2007 Galo had a participation in 2nd Comic Saloon Chile with some his works in "Great Masters Gallery".Link VideoYouTube here.Also in that year Huemulin character was inclued in "Fame Hall of Comics" in Santiago.Video YouTube here. On year 2008 Huemulin cartoon was inclued in to Mural of Comics of the Main Library of Santiago, Chile.Video YouTube here. Since year 2008, Galo is President of filial in Chile of the prestigeous Federation Worldwide of Cartoonists FECO. Great part of the work of Galo'cartoonist has centred on the development of his principal cartoon "Huemulin"; nevertheless, his participation in international contests of the cartoon has allowed to observe his other creations that, with some brushstrokes, show themselves in the blog " In the shade of The Huemul "